the penguins launch at midnight

I have to conceal myself in my speech and writing because I feel that the words that I leave behind me will be the trail that whatever it is that’s pursuing me will pick up my scent with. Then again, the thing that will actually bring about my demise in the end doesn’t even need to budge a foot because I keep idiotically rushing forwards in time straight towards it. Only by knowing someone’s home, their background and surroundings, can one fully fail to understand them. Catholics have spent a lot of time trying to explain how their savior can be both human and divine, but much less on what requires a lot more explaining, how he can be both divine and a chewy biscuit. A friend told me about a girl who had a baby to prove she wasn’t gay. I think this is why the courts just have people swear with their hand on the Bible instead. If you see a tree, climb it, talk to it, make a weapon out of it–don’t be the one standing around trying to capture it.

By the way, manifestos are like letters written by people with no friends.

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