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(Hated opponent whose ruination you fervently desire) has an ass which is perhaps best described as a porcupine-like tumescence. It is the boiling volcano whose explosive release of noxious gas into the atmosphere we should really be concerned about. Not since the days of Aladdin has a container full of gin been so misused as it has by her. Her hobbies include taking off all her clothes and rolling over on one of her many ill-conceived babies while passed out. Drinking can’t be considered one of her pastimes because it’s more like the medium in which she exists. She has been brought before the bar of justice countless times but never convicted, which should not be blamed on nepotism only because, the world being so densely populated with the hordes of illegitimate children she has brought into it, the presence of her family members on any jury of her peers is more or less inevitable.

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