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Pandas, the Gospels, and adult films in 3D

“The president [of France]…did divorce his first wife so he could marry a model while he was in office…That gives him the second biggest balls of any European head of state after Angela Merkel.” Check out the new podcast for this and much more!

When looking for a job is the wrong plan

“[Sucker Punch] looked like someone taking acid while reading a self-help book.” Check out this long-overdue podcast to hear about this and much more!

Happy Vacuous Cliché Day!

In a new episode of the podcast we discuss the State of the Union speech and the Tupac Shakur Effect. “Obama overlooked one critical factor, which is that for Americans to value science and technology we have to be in mortal fear of Russians.” Listen now for much more!

Now Iranian scientists can finally get around to finishing their nuke assignment

“[The Danish cartoonist’s drawing], a turban in the shape of a bomb? Instantly recognizable. Some sports team should adopt that as their logo. It would be better than an adjective, or a noun of indefinite quantity, like the Avalanche, or the Minnesota Wild.” Hear about this and much more on a long-overdue new podcast!

Whipping Wednesdays and fembot politicians

“It’s going to be very easy for [Roger Ebert] to die doing what he loves. It would be a lot harder for a sex addict or an American Gladiator.” Hear about this and much more on a new episode of the podcast!

Coroner and other jobs I can’t believe we vote on

“I’m starting to wonder why after years of being disappointed by both major political parties people keep holding this insane prejudice of insisting on voting for animate beings. Why don’t they at least give it a try with like an empty coffee cup and see how it goes after six months?” Hear about this and much more on the new episode of the podcast!

How to keep up a feud with a famous dead person

“‘Wait, haven’t you already worn that costume this year?’ ‘I know, I’m pulling a huge fashion faux pas, wearing the same costume within 12 months.’ ‘Well, fortunately fashion faux pas is the alternate name for Halloween, so I think you’re on safe ground.’? Hear about this and much more on the new podcast!

Moving to a new home

“You’re the person whose life seems to revolve the most around dogs that doesn’t actually have one of anyone I know. It’s like you have the city of pet ownership surrounded and laid under heavy siege, and you’re hurling ordnance over the wall, but you have not actually stormed the citadel.? Hear about this and much much more on this brand-new podcast!

When pacifists attack

Mitz joins me on a Skype for a short podcast about how genitalia can finally start paying their own way in life and the possible afterlife of Nancy Pelosi as video game villain. Enjoy!

High school mistakes

In this podcast Mitz and I remember consorting with all walks of life in high school, and I discern his true reasons for not liking “Rebel Without a Cause.? Enjoy, and remember to subscribe.