February 23, 2004

More New Features

Posted by shonk at 02:14 AM in Blogging | TrackBack

I’ve been tweaking the ol’ weblog a bit this weekend. Spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to find a solution to the challenge JTK posed in the comments to my new feature post, but didn’t come up with anything. If anybody has any ideas, please comment or e-mail. After finally abandoning that project, I decided to add titles to all the links on this page and to add a few RSS feeds. Now, instead of just the RSS 1.0 full-text feed, you also have the option of an RSS 1.0 excerpt feed, an RSS 2.0 full-text feed and an RSS 2.0 excerpt feed, all available on the lower-right of the main page via the super-cool CSS buttons, which will hopefully be a little more prominent than the old text link. For you bleeding-edge minimalist types I’ve even built an RSS 3.0 excerpt feed, based on this standard (which may or may not be an actual standard, for all I know). I don’t know if anybody actually scrapes my feed, but I figured I’d offer some more choices if you do.

And yes, it’s actually quite pathetic how much time I’ve spent doing this stuff.