October 25, 2003

This Site Certified 31% Evil

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Honestly, I was hoping for more evil.

On a related note, I'm apparently headed for the 2nd Circle of Hell, the level of the lustful. Who's coming with me?

The Fulton County School District thinks Rachel Boim is headed for the 7th circle. I'd comment further, but I think, by now, you should be able to anticipate my objections.

Also, I just want to state, for the record, that four months ago I was proposing exactly the sorts of "collaborative-filtering capabilities" discussed at the bottom of this article on aggregators to someone who was looking for a way to cash in on the blog craze. And I have a witness! Not that this was a particularly profound recommendation; the progression was so obvious that even a mathematician would call it "natural".

And, finally, if you have just happened upon my site and haven't yet seen the About or Photos pages, you'll be relieved to know that you could have correctly determined that I'm male simply by plugging this post into the Gender Genie (be sure to check out the New York Times article, the Nature article or Koppel and Argamon's paper).