These are the only digital photos of myself that I know of, except for the caveat mentioned below.

at LSUThis was taken at LSU in the summer of 2002, where I was doing an undergraduate research project. The only floating-head picture of myself that I can remember.

playing ping-pongThis is me playing ping-pong, also at LSU. We had a tournament; I didn’t do well.

bryn mawr '02This is me at the IHS Liberty & Crisis Seminar at Bryn Mawr in July 2002.

at bryn mawrThis is me at the IHS Liberty & Society Seminar at Bryn Mawr in July 2003, standing in virtually the same spot as above. The IHS seminars are great - if you’re a student and have a free week in the summer, I highly recommend these free seminars.

in torontoThis is a cropped picture of me at the beach on Ward’s Island in Toronto in August 2003. The full set of pictures is available at Petya’s site.

shonk looks scaryThis is my student ID photo, taken in October 2003. I hadn’t shaved in over a week and the wind was blowing pretty hard that day. What can I say?