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Whipping Wednesdays and fembot politicians

“It’s going to be very easy for [Roger Ebert] to die doing what he loves. It would be a lot harder for a sex addict or an American Gladiator.” Hear about this and much more on a new episode of the podcast!

Sally has gone to Lucy

My cat Sally died yesterday and will be missed. She was perhaps too smart to fully immerse herself in the usual cat hobbies such as suspicious investigation of pieces of furniture that have always been there and reenactments of the evacuation of the American embassy in Saigon every time an unfamiliar person enters the house. I often caught her staring bemusedly at her own front paws, probably thinking that she could accomplish a lot more if they weren’t so evolutionarily retrograde. She was overweight most of her life, which is probably why she developed diabetes at 14, though she managed to wobble on to 18 and a half. In a way though I think she figured life out. Having come to understand early on that food and shelter were guaranteed in perpetuity, she decided to nap through most of the rest of existence. As opposed to my dim-witted younger cat, who stampedes like a maniac at the merest puff of wind. Sometimes life really is simpler when you’re smart.

Coroner and other jobs I can’t believe we vote on

“I’m starting to wonder why after years of being disappointed by both major political parties people keep holding this insane prejudice of insisting on voting for animate beings. Why don’t they at least give it a try with like an empty coffee cup and see how it goes after six months?” Hear about this and much more on the new episode of the podcast!

How to keep up a feud with a famous dead person

“‘Wait, haven’t you already worn that costume this year?’ ‘I know, I’m pulling a huge fashion faux pas, wearing the same costume within 12 months.’ ‘Well, fortunately fashion faux pas is the alternate name for Halloween, so I think you’re on safe ground.’? Hear about this and much more on the new podcast!