Canada flocks north

When I was little and read Batman comics, a silhouette of black pointy ears meant crime was about to be thwarted. Since I’ve had a cat, it’s come to mean no ankles can swagger around safely any more. A girl once told me the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you if you took Viagra would be to then run into a wall and break your nose. Whatever, I took Viagra and broke my nose and I was proud of it, but I guess that’s because there was no wall around. I would think the porn industry would be the harshest scourge of aging, but I realized it does have a social safety net of sorts: early in their careers porn actresses can do cougar films, and when they get too old for those they will be old enough to star in “barely legal” franchises. I’ve always thought that whatever one happens to say before fighting a duel should be considered an endangered language.

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