a Roman gold mine

The index arranged according to page number started out as a twin of the book that preceded it, then grew into a rival and finally became a sequel. Dignity lives in small places. Although a canyon is created by the river that runs through it, you can’t attribute the composition of the rocks to the nature of the water, or the sediment and mud in the river to some impurity of the spring from which it arises. I think that people do most of the bad things they do to each other out of fear, but birthing a child into poverty is like robbing them on credit. What is fearful in a comet storming across the universe is the unlikelihood of it hitting anything.

There’s a flashing neon sign at the edge of Heaven that only those behind it can read. Man and ape can only be linked by a gap. Eunuchs learn the hard way that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. It may be true that no man is an island, but the first thing most people want to do when they get enough money or leisure time is to head off to one.

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