Let’s call it a panda bear market

Since Al Gore spoke at Harvard last fall, the campus has been plied with a new slogan: “Green is the New Crimson.” I guess the university is making a noble gesture of support for color blindness–and, hence, for more traffic accidents. Or maybe they are simply admitting the validity of our suspicions about the Green Parties, with their motley assortment of ruffians, ex-communists and compañeros de viaje. On the other hand green being the new crimson will make it a lot less scary if, as revolutionaries of that ilk usually do, they eventually turn on those they claim to be working to benefit, and vow to make the gutters run green with the sap of the enemy’s chlorophyll.

This may be their hour, since the world is well set on the green-friendly policy of massive impoverishment, having previously adopted the unorthodox but surprisingly uncontroversial economic growth strategy of sucking its own dick, and then being surprised when it didn’t get pregnant. The signs of decay are everywhere. I was watching my hometown team, the Denver Nuggets, play last night, when I realized that although they’re pretty good, they still might be more accurately classified as a horde than a team, and if I saw the lot of them charging down the court at me the proper response might not be to drop back into a zone defense or whatever but to do what the Roman and Chinese Empires did on their northern borders and construct a big wall or fortification of some kind to keep them out. But they’re my hometown team, already inside the gates, so I guess there’s nothing for it but to be cautiously on the side of the sackers and pillagers.

3 Responses to “Let’s call it a panda bear market”

  1. dlsland Says:

    Before this afternoon, I would have said that success was because the horde has been playing defense (and good offense), but now I won’t)!

  2. Curt Says:

    Oh come on, the announcers were ranting about how much worse the Nuggets defense was this game than last, but the Hornets scored two points more than they did last game (11 more than the first game, but they had all their starters out from the middle of the fourth quarter on). If you factor out the Nuggets’ aberrantly high three-point shooting percentage from the first two games, I see virtually no difference in this game from the first two. Both of them were pretty close and somewhat sloppy until the third quarters when Chauncey and J.R. Smith caught fire and the others started piling on. But the stupid announcers were going on like they played two perfect games followed by a stink bomb.

  3. dlsland Says:

    You’re right, but at the end of the fourth quarter, when the pebbles, actually, had a chance to win, why they continued the miserable strategy that got them in trouble in the first place-namely, don’t play defense then go down the court and throw up one (missed) 3-pointer after another is incomprehensible!!! Not to mention that hitting only three of the gazillion missed free throws would have won the game.

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