The dictatorship of divinity

I notice that those disclaimers at the end of movies and TV shows claiming that no animals were harmed in the making never see it as worthwhile to reassure their audience that no people were either. On the other hand, not having harmed any animals is often the best thing that can be said about a movie, and more than can be for God’s creation as a whole, although it could of Satan’s realm, since animals are not supposed to have souls to be tortured. In fact, in the interest of putting their best foot forward, that is probably the message inscribed over the gate of Hell. I find it unlikely that there would be something like “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” It would be too demoralizing for the employees to see on arriving at work every day, particularly as they would likely be the only ones to see it, since Walter Benjamin’s angel of history, and humanity along with it, is being dragged through time backwards, leaving a pile of ruins behind it (which is more or less how I entered ski school when I was five), and so cannot well see the shape of the afterlife to come until it’s through the gate. Anyway, “Abandon all hope” could be written just as well at the gate of Heaven as of Hell, unless God has started governing more democratically than we’ve been led to think.

It’s probably best to only profess a religion that you no longer believe in. You’re no longer a living tree with petrified bark, but only taking shelter under one. And while the dick may not be excited enough anymore to fill the hole, it was once, enough to break the seal and sow its seed, so you still have a stake therein.

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