New York, part I

“What a city, right? 18 million people with six degrees or less of separation by coughing.”

“Maybe that’s why the buildings are all so ugly, like they’re not ultimately here for our benefit. After all, the fences of a cattle pen don’t need to be pretty either.”

“What makes them allow themselves to be herded in so docilely? Maybe the cattle already inside denigrate the open range as ‘sprawl.'”

“We’re really below the level of cattle though, since we’re choosing to pack ourselves in. Speaking of which, how are we going to afford living here? I heard the city has a rent control policy to keep prices down, but that none of the apartments in the city are cheap enough to qualify.”

“I suppose we could always share a bed to save money.”

“Yeah, nice one. So to save valuable tongue space shall we just make out all the time too?”

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