links for 2007-03-12

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  1. Sputzele Says:

    Nice blog yours: just randomly discovered and enjoyed the mixture..

    I just regret that you did not put your “own” comments on Proust and or Faust.. while you are at it.. Try Master and Margarita by Bulgakov ( Russian). Also: re to A New Theory of the Universe: reed for fun(?) Improbable by Adam, Fawer (among others on heisenberg’s principle so much in fashion recently) and maybe also you might enjoy The Dice Man L. Rhinehart. ( on determinism?)

    What are the things you build your polyhedra from? Plastic foils? Do you cut them yourself? Very pretty your graph!

  2. shonk Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments.

    I have read The Master and Margarita (as well as Heart of a Dog) and consider it one of my favorite books. I’ll definitely look into the books that you mention.

    As for the polyhedra, they’re made from Geofix, Polydron and Zome construction sets.

  3. Sputzele Says:

    Oh I am sorry about Master i Margarita… there is a very good tv adaptation (in russian) that has come out recently in Moscow- you’d like it probably.

    Geofix, Polydron Zome excellent I will transmit to my coathor his sone will adore ( doing like papa!). I want to connect your diary to my blog but we are not in the same communities- I also write sometimes about books and so…maybe you can find things that you’d like to read… here

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