Dear anonymous person who lives in my building

Next time you do your laundry, how about cleaning the lint filter in the dryer after removing your clothes? It’s not that I have any problem with lint per se, but lint isn’t all that the lint filter catches. For example, a quick glance at the lint you left behind for me to clean from the filter before loading my own clothes makes it clear, based on the pubic hair content, that you were washing your sheets and/or underwear this morning.

Now, I’m not paranoid enough to think there’s a significant associated health risk and I certainly don’t want to discourage you from washing your sheets and underwear, but being forced to handle a total stranger’s pubes is, in the famous words of a good friend of mine, fucking repugnant.

Thank you.

2 Responses to “Dear anonymous person who lives in my building”

  1. The creepy guy down the hallway Says:

    Sorry, man. I’ll be more conscientious in the future.

    They weren’t my underwear, though. They were YOUR MOM’S!!!

  2. billy-jay Says:

    This is the kind of quality post that makes shonk’s blog vastly superior to my own.

    I wish I was joking.

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