Inferiority complex time

It’s an interesting time to a member of the Fairview High School class of ’99 right now. Actually, to be more precise, it’s an interesting time to be a member of the aforementioned class who also played baseball in high school. Two of my former teammates have been making headlines recently; one is in the final 12 of American Idol (haven’t watched the show myself, but apparently he’s a little grating, which, admittedly, isn’t a total surprise), while the other was just eliminated from the World Baseball Classic (playing for Canada, oddly enough, even though he’s also played for Team USA).

This, needless to say, is one of the reasons high school reunions are bad news.

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  1. R.J. Lehmann Says:

    Dude, I’d be impressed by your accomplishments over either of those any day.

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