Daddy’s got a new toy

Specifically this, which showed up yesterday, after months of delays and three weeks after I ordered it…which is to say, if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, you might just want to spend the extra $50 and get it from your local CompUSA, which, as of last Friday, should have them in stock.

As for the 770 itself, it’s an impressive little toy, with a screen that frankly has to be seen to be believed. I’ve never, ever seen such legibly tiny text. Connecting to a wireless network was a snap (as well it should be, given that Nokia is marketing this thing as an internet tablet), the battery seems to last longer than the advertised 2.5-3 hours, and new apps are easy to install from maemo. Even the text entry is relatively easy, given the constraints, and certainly good enough for quick notes and emails (for example, this entry was written entirely on the 770). My only gripes so far are about the lack of 802.1X support (which I imagine is coming) and that Nokia really should have put a bit more RAM in these things.

I’ll almost certainly have more to say in the coming weeks/months, but, for now, here are some screenshots:

770 Desktop Desktop

selling waves from the 770\'s browser selling waves from the 770’s browser

selling waves in full-screen mode Full-screen mode

FBReader Guy de Maupassant’s “The Moribund” in FBReader

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