Random outrage of the night

Goddamn retarded fucking Los Angeles “baseball fans”. Morons. Anybody who hurts his team’s chances of winning by reaching onto the field to grab a ball in play doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a playoff baseball game.

Backstory for those that weren’t watching the game tonight: I’m sitting here working on some differential geometry and watching tonight’s Angels-White Sox game when Chone Figgins hits a long fly into the rightfield corner on a hit-and-run with Adam Kennedy on first base. Since Kennedy was running on the play, he’s going to score easily and, given Figgins’ speed, there’s a good chance Figgins will end up with a triple. Except an idiot Angels fan reaches into the field of play to grab the ball on one bounce below the level of the fence. So, rather than a run-scoring triple, it’s a ground rule double. Now, the stupidity of this is just staggering. The Angels were down 3-1 in the series and 2-1 in the game and yet this fan grabs a ball in play and potentially costs his team an important run in this critical game. The only good thing you can say about the guy is that he didn’t spill his beer in the process.

Fortunately for the Angels, the umpires correctly ruled fan interference and gave Kennedy a free pass to home plate. So the only repercussion for the Angels was that Figgins was stuck at second, which ended up not mattering since he scored two batters later anyway.

But the particular fan’s idiocy is somehow emblematic of Angels fans generally, with their idiotic Thunder Stix, their disturbing idolatry of the Rally Monkey and their incapacity to get excited unless the scoreboard tells them to, at which point they just go berserk. Point being, the average Angels fan seems to have no idea what the proceedings on the field mean, other than that when a guy in red hits it over the fence, that’s a good thing. Contrast with, e.g., Cardinals fans.

Although I’m partial to the White Sox, given that my father has been a White Sox fan since birth, I’d been taking pity on the Angels and their fans this ALCS since they’ve been getting jobbed by the umpires practically every step of the way (which doesn’t excuse their third-string catcher from being an idiot, but still). No more. I can’t sympathize with “fans” that don’t know that preventing their team from scoring is probably a bad idea. White Sox fans, I’m now firmly entrenched on your side (unless the Pale Hose face the Cardinals in the Series, which is starting to look pretty unlikely).

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  1. Curt Says:

    I’m pretty sure Dad’s not a White Sox fan anymore, as he claims to have not supported them since Reinsdorf bought the team (probably also hard for him to identify with the South Side since it turned into a ghetto, but that’s another story).

  2. Paul Charno Says:

    Come on, once a White Sox fan always a White Sox fan! The Southside a ghetto? Some parts for sure, but the Northside is just the same, really. But oh yeah, on the Southside they’re black. OK OK enough of the race card playing.

    Anyway, that fan was a bit of an idiot, especially since it took him so damn long to figure out what he’d done. I’ve always been a pit partial towards the Angels, liking their uniforms and a lot of the players they’ve had (Vlad the Impaler, Kid K, our former fat guy Colon, Chone Figgins, bullpen guys that look like Ali G or nerds or something). I was a bit scared of the Angels going in to this series too. But seriously, what was wrong with Kid K? He looked a bit skittish even in Game 1, when he got the save. He was tying his shoes, hopping around the mound, and shaking off signs like an atheist in Delphi. Anyway I’m just rambling now, peace out Shonkweilers.

  3. shonk Says:

    But seriously, what was wrong with Kid K?

    I dunno, but he’s been throwing way too many curveballs recently. It’s a sick pitch, but you still gotta mix it up a little.

  4. Paul Charno Says:

    I think he was wild with his fastball. Oh well, he’s got the offseason to work it out.

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