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Underground on the green
Beethoven Underground — College kids loosed on the night with a brand-new digital camera; Summer, 2000

Nighttime in Viliko
Bulgaria — Photographs from Botevgrad, Viliko Turnovo and Sofia; January, 2004

Botevgrad from above
Bulgaria II — Photographs from Sofia; March, 2004

penn relays
Penn Relays — The Penn Relays at the University of Pennsylvania; April, 2004

Sunset over Bergen
Summer in Europe — A pilgrim’s progress in the land of socialized medicine; Summer, 2004

sunset from the Eiffel Tower
France — Fun times in the homeland of Louis XIV and Voltaire; May, 2005

château, Amboise
Tours — A month of debauchery in France's Midwest; September, 2004

Paris — The whole course of a year there, although this may not be apparent, given that the weather is pretty much exactly the same year-round; 2004-05

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres
Chartres and Normandy — Similar to parts of the France gallery, but taken six months earlier; October/November, 2004

Naval Museum, St. Petersburg
Russia — In which we discover that St. Petersburg is no colder than Chicago in the winter; December/January 2004-05

Red Light District, Amsterdam
Low Countries — 500+ years, levees still holding; February 2005

Bodleian Library, Oxford
England — A brief foray onto linguistically sure ground; February 2005

Lucerne, Switzerland
Germany, Switzerland and Italy — Welcome to the most beautiful region in Europe; April 2005

Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Shanghai, China — The glorious city of the future; August 2006

Heping lu, Tianjin
Tianjin, China — Sort of the industrial and shipping whore of Beijing and the Chinese northeast; 2006-2007

Temple of Heaven, Beijing
Beijing, China — Beijing in autumn, when the sky is brown but the weather is fair; October, 2006

Le Shan, Sichuan province
China — Trying to find a middle ground between the fantasy China of landscape paintings and the China of inexpensive consumer goods manufacturing; February, 2007

Hainan, China — May, 2007