April 22, 2004


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Just wanted to let everybody know that we’ve been having some weird errors popping up lately. If you try to post a comment and, instead of going back to the comments, end up on a “500 Error” page, don’t be alarmed. Your comment probably was posted and should be visible if you close the comment pop-up window and then re-open it. I want to apologize for these problems, which I’m going to try to fix as soon as possible, but given that finals are currently upon me, it may take a little while. Thanks for being patient.


It's because you're using 1&1 which I have found to suck ass. I can't do anything to my blog because the server continually times out.

You'll see this occur more as time goes by and you add more posts to the archive.

Posted by: Tim Swanson at April 24, 2004 07:14 PM