April 13, 2004

That tired topic

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Over at mock savvy, Neil uses the “tired topic of outsourcing” as a jumping-off point for a somewhat more generalized thesis. Definitely read the whole thing, but here’s a sample:

What is troubling about the whole affair is that somehow, as a society or whatever, artificial standards of living have been set that muddle the idea of voluntaryism. Again, this is not to say that benevolence is bad—I think it is crucial that social support structures exist (I am not talking about government-sanctioned welfare programs)—but across the spectrum of wealth distribution, from the disgustingly wealthy to the dirt poor, the notion of arbitrary entitlement is so destructive yet so pervasive as to be deeply troubling to anyone who really considers the consequences. It fosters a sense of complacency that propagates such that a society, although perhaps not destined for complete collapse, experiences a spiritual vacuity that undermines the sense of self-worth vital for anything that is to resemble harmonious operation.