April 04, 2004

New metablog

Posted by shonk at 02:02 PM in Blogging | TrackBack

Just the other day, Gina and company launched Kinja, where you can create what they’re calling a “digest” and what JTK and I have been calling a “metablog”. I like Kinja better than Rollup for several reasons, so I’m switching the metablog link at left to point to my Kinja digest.

So why is Kinja better? Like I said, several reasons. First off, I’ve been reading the weblogs of a couple of the people who developed it, so I feel like by using it I’m supporting people I know. More importantly, though, the design is much cleaner: nice graphics, including a small, individual icon for each weblog, a useful right column and, best of all, much better excerpts that actually make some semblance of sense. Most important of all, though, is the fact that, unlike Rollup, people not using IE on XP can actually use Kinja. Which means I don’t have to use someone else’s computer to edit my account.