March 18, 2004

Uncommon Sense

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It’s been a banner day on the blogosphere. Two highlights:

  • Over at the Dynamist Blog, Virginia Postrel states concisely a point that Curt, and to a lesser extent myself, has been making for a while:

    True liberation makes the personal apolitical.

    (Link via Catallarchy)

  • No Treason’s newest writer, Joshua Holmes, states the obvious: “Outsourcing rules.” But he’s not talking about outsourcing to India; he’s talking about the biggest single form of outsourcing of the last 200 years: industrialization.

    Indeed, what is the difference between replacing jobs with machines and replacing them with Indians? In both cases Americans lose their jobs. In both cases it’s done to cut costs. In both cases the price lowers. Surely, those who blog and comment on the Internet wouldn’t want to give up their electric lights - replacing tallow and wax makers, cars - replacing horse breeders and buggy whip makers, running water - replacing drawing and purifying it yourself, or any other modern convenience, even though these conveniences replace jobs. Why are they so upset when foreigners replace Americans?

    I would only point out that many of the same people who get exercised about offshoring also get exercised about the mechanization of labor. Which isn’t to say that consistency equals correctness.


Thanks for the plug, fellow Quaker.

While I think you're right about neo-luddites, those people are a tiny fraction of the west and a tiny fraction of the people calling for restrictions on outsourcing and foreign trade. In any event, the people calling for restrictions on outsourcing and foreign trade are definitely not calling for the dismantling of industrial civilisation.

- Josh

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