March 18, 2004

Keep an eye on these...

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  • blog maverick — Mark Cuban, the controversial and always entertaining owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has started a weblog. Cuban isn’t afraid to name names or speak his mind and I enjoy how he likes sticking it to reporters. Yesterday he was talking to reporters while on the Stairmaster about his latest fine from the league and told them that, instead of answering their questions directly, he would address them on his blog:

    The satisfaction of knowing that each will have to explain to their editors what a blog is — and argue for who knows how long about whether or not is an attributable source — crept over me and that jaunt on the gauntlet flew by.

    As Eric McErlain points out, “[t]his is great news — both for journalists and sports blogs.”

  • An investigation into logic — Over at mock savvy, Neil is starting a series of posts that will do precisely what the title suggests:

    The motive for this embarkation is self-interest; for me, the most effective way to elucidate the many discrete questions that arise during the course of a study is to simply envisage them in some prosaic form, provide possible answers along the way, and hopefully ending up with some quasi-satisfactory results.

    I, for one, am looking forward to it, as Neil has already shown a good deal of insight into the values and pitfalls of formal systems.