February 23, 2004

Open Letter to Kerry

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The “Open Letter to Senator John Kerry” penned by the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI) is entirely on point:

For the past few months we have listened and observed with apprehension and dismay to your statements and views regarding the terrorist theocracy in Iran. Yet, we had remained silent!

We have read how you refer to the theocratic regime in Iran as a “democracy;” we have heard how, if elected, as the president of the United States you intend to “engage” this barbaric regime; this very terrorist regime that your own State Department lists as the most active “State Sponsor of Terrorism.”

Why is it, Senator, in all your statements, you don’t, even once, mention the oppressed and suffering masses of Iran? Obviously, as long as there is such preoccupation with appeasing the regime the people of Iran don’t even enter your equation!

Note that what they’re asking for is not military intervention in Iran, but merely that Kerry refuse to support or condone in any way the current fundamentalist regime in Iran:

While the future of Iran will be decided, solely, by its people and the ultimate responsibility to free the nation is with the Iranians, all we ask is the moral support of the United States. All we expect is that the United States will remain true to its principles of liberty, justice, and its ideals of democracy.

In other words, “If you would just stop legitimizing the totalitarians, we’ll take responsibility for our own freedom, thank you very much.” The history of Otpor is on their side.

(Props to Samizdata for the initial link)