February 23, 2004

Democracy Doesn't Work: More Proof

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On Nader’s entrance into the presidential race:

What’s so fixed about our political system that a minority independent candidate, who likely won’t be able to register in many states, is going to spoil it for.. who exactly is he going to spoil it for?

Right now John Kerry, wearing the mantle of media-designated victor, is attacking Bush and attempting to appear Presidential. And the press coverage is mostly about how, if Edwards doesn’t win in the next few states, Kerry will be inevitable. Got that, Democratic party members in the last half of the states? Your opinions, hopes, and choices are irrelevant.

And now that Nader’s announced he’s in, we’re already hearing about how he’s just going to hurt the Democratic candidate. I find it both amazing and unsurprising that the number one response to Nader’s entry is not about his ideas and whether they’re any good. It’s about how his entry impacts the (mostly imaginary) horse race.

And I think there’s something astonishingly undemocratic about websites like Ralph Don’t Run. The logic behind the ad is simple, and goes something like this:

1. If Ralph Nader runs, a significant number of people will vote for him.
2. The Nader voters would otherwise vote for the Democratic candidate.
3. The only way to prevent the Nader voters from voting for Ralph is to take away that choice completely.
4. Therefore, Ralph shouldn’t run.

Or, to rephrase it: Those damn voters! Why won’t they shut up and vote the way we want them to.

It’s that “two party” mentality that keeps us locked into this “two party” nonsense.

So what’s so great about democracy, exactly?


So what’s so great about democracy, exactly?

Nothing. It blows.

I've been trying to make a different argument against democracy on my blog recently, but it's not working.

Posted by: Jonathan Wilde at February 23, 2004 12:49 PM

I would be willing to bet that Kerry will parasitize most of Nader's agenda, but I doubt that he will pick up on this little morsel:

"We need more civic and political energies inside the campaign to challenge this two-party duopoly."

It's just a shame that I disagree with Nader on almost every conceivable issue.

Posted by: Curt at February 23, 2004 04:15 PM