January 16, 2004

A Department of Anarchy

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From TM Lutas’ proposal for a Department of Anarchy :

There is now no real institutional constituency in government for less government. There should be.

Nice sentiment, especially given the reality of regulation with which it is impossible to comply (link courtesy Samizdata), but it ain’t gonna happen.

(Alert readers will note that this ground has already been eloquently covered by JTK in “The Fundamental Fallacy of Government”)


How sad is it when even the professed anarchists of the world can't think of any more effective action to achieve their goals than calling together a committee to form a bureaucracy? I think this is the poisonous spread of the political as a mode of thought and existence. Even the avowed opponents of the political simply cannot conceive of acting effectively on an individual rather than an institutional level.

Posted by: Curt at January 16, 2004 05:51 PM

Lutas isn't an anarchist.

Posted by: shonk at January 16, 2004 06:05 PM

Yeah, but "Department of Anarchy" is quite enough to set off my Irony-Meter.

Posted by: Curt at January 17, 2004 05:29 PM

I hear ya.

Posted by: shonk at January 17, 2004 08:46 PM


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