December 18, 2003

Random Information, Possibly Useful

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Some of you may have noticed that in my bio and to the right I’ve posted an obfuscated version of my e-mail address. Basically, the obfuscation is a small javascript that, when the link is clicked, causes your mail client to enter my “real” e-mail address in the “To:” line (and displays the proper address in the status bar when you hover over the link), but what actually appears in the HTML that spamcrawlers sift through is an address at Spam Motel.

Why do I mention this? Because just today I received my first e-mail to my Spam Motel account. Needless to say, a piece of spam. Since I have yet to receive anything undesired in my actual account (created at the same time I brought the new domain online — that is, about a week ago), I’ll take this as the initial verification that the obfuscations scheme does indeed work. So if you have your own site but worry about spamcrawlers and don’t like the “joe at joeblog dot com” thing, you might want to check it out.