December 11, 2003

Recovering Lost Knowledge

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In the process of moving, I had to re-do a lot of stuff I had done before but didn’t keep a record of. The most frustrating, so far, has been re-creating my “Reading” head (which should appear to the right). If I ever have to do this again, I want some minimal reminder of what to do and I figure someone might find this interesting.

Basically, I made a new blog called “Reading” in which the only template is the main index template. It uses the MT-Amazon plugin to get the book title, author and image from Amazon based on the ASIN number. The MT-Amazon tags grab the ASIN number of the book I’m reading from the latest entry in the blog, where I’ve simply used the ASIN as the title of the post.

From there, I just use a php include as suggested in this tutorial.

I admit, it’s pretty quick-and-dirty, but so far it seems to work.


One must know it

Posted by: Arty at December 24, 2003 02:09 PM