November 23, 2003

You lookin' for me?

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For the last 3 weeks, I've been keeping track of search-engine referrals to this site. In keeping with the most clichéd of blog clichés, here's a list of what people have been looking for when they ended up here.


-guinness commercial brilliant

-car novelty kid pissing decal

-gay "larry ellison "

-"Divide and Scamper"

-"francesco maurolico" demorgan

-nba numerical analysis gambling

-critque of austrian economics


-shockey girlfriend cuban model

-rachel boim freedom

-Kafka's worldview

-philadelphia mayorial election results

-"End of the World Animation" x2

-movie waves teacher high school hitler

Google (Bulgarian language version):


Google France:

-paul samahvalov

Google India:

-shonk technologies


-Banal industrial wastes

-"end-of-the-world animation" x2

-glorify black quarterbacks

-anecdote story on Maurice Clarett

-modern people likened to mythology

-Maurolico and induction

-Rachel Boim


-structure selling conversation


-"un chien andalou"

My favorites by far are "movie waves teacher high school hitler" and "Banal industrial wastes". I have no idea what those people were looking for, but I hope they found it.