November 11, 2003

Incorruptible or Just Na´ve?

Posted by shonk at 03:31 AM in Politics | TrackBack
I am ready to submit my resignation should cases of corruption in Sofia municipality be disclosed.
So says Stefan Sofianski, the newly re-relected mayor of Bulgaria's biggest city. Does this guy have balls, or what? I mean, I don't know much about Bulgarian politics, but that's a pretty hefty proclamation to toss into the ring. I don't imagine there's a city on Earth that's corruption-free, especially one that's the capital of a country known as a major smuggling crossroads.

So, anybody that knows more than I do about the situation, is Sofianski hopelessly na´ve or a political genius?

Not that this is a campaign promise, since the guy has already been elected, but it makes me think of those campaign promises of yesteryear that were somehow never followed up on. Remember Bush's pledge to support free trade? Or Clinton's promised middle-class tax cut? Or "Read my lips: no new taxes"?