November 06, 2003


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I was on my way to the bookstore yesterday when I walked by a group of college-aged campaigners for the Republican mayorial hopeful, Sam Katz. They were on a corner next to one of the downtown polling places, holding signs, wearing t-shirts and generally trying to make an impression on everybody that walked or drove by. Anyway, as I'm walking through this group, one of the girls asked the lady in front of me if she's voted yet; the lady says "yes" and keeps walking. Expecting some sort of similar treatment, I mentally prepare to tell the girl that I hope both candidates lose, which is why I won't be voting, but she takes one look at me and quickly turns away, scanning for someone else to harass.

I admit I was pleased not to be bothered, I was a bit curious what it was about me that made the girl decide I wasn't worth the effort. Did my rather long and unkempt hair make her assume I was a Democrat? Did my face impart a "Do Not Disturb" message as a result of the mere 3 hours of sleep I'd gotten the night before? Was I unconsciously glaring at her simpleminded partisanship? Was this girl, probably younger than I, falling into the trap of assuming that young people don't care about politics? Who knows? I wasn't disturbed when I walked back by the group 20 minutes later, though I did notice that a few supporters of the Democratic incumbent and eventual victor, John Street, had set up shop across the street.

I was surprised to learn that a Penn professor was punched in the face by a Steet supporter yesterday directly in front of the building where I work. Apparently, the prof had objected to this guy covering Katz posters with Street signs and the guy objected to his objection. Needless to say, since this happened before 7:30 AM, I was nowhere in the vicinity.