October 19, 2003


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In lieu of interesting (or not-so-interesting) posts, I've been making some minor upgrades to this site. My CSS now validates (though I admit that didn't take much work; the MT template was pretty close) and I've made the "Reading" head to the right a sideblog, so I don't have to modify my index template every time I start a new book. My question is, are there any other modifications you would like to see? For example, is this page too large? Should I only display the last week's worth of entries rather than the last month? Are there any other sideblogs you'd like to see added? (see dooce.com's "Thinking", "Feeling Guilty", etc. for examples of what can be done with sideblogs) Should I get rid of the little calendar-thingy at the top-right? Anything else you'd like to see either added or gotten rid of? Or is it perfect just the way it is?