August 07, 2003

Internet Explorer

Posted by shonk at 09:46 PM in Bitching and Moaning | TrackBack

Well, for the first time, it's time for me to complain about Internet Explorer. Now, I know this is a common complaint among web developers, but you have to understand, this is my first real attempt at building a page. Okay, now the complaint is this: there's supposed to be a sidebar to the right of these entries, containing links to archives, other pages I like, the book I'm currently reading, etc. But, if you're using Internet Explorer, you may see this stuff at the very bottom of this page instead of to the right.

Why? Well, I'm not exactly sure, but here's a partial answer. In the main stylesheet, I've indicated that the blog entries are supposed to take up 60% of the total width of the window. Now, this leaves 40% for the sidebar, which is more than I would really like, but not too bad. Now, in IE, if the browser window is small enough, IE decides that 40% isn't enough for what's in the sidebar and kicks it down to the bottom of the page. What's the rationale for doing this? I have no idea, but I think it may have something to do with how IE wants to display the calendar (hopefully) at right. And, I should mention, Mozilla doesn't have this problem. So, in an attempt to fix it, I've reduced the width of the blog entries from 65% of the page to 60% as this allows a much smaller window to view the page and still see the sidebar on the side.

Gee, IE making more work for web developers (of which I am one only in the loosest possible sense) - who could've imagined?