July 31, 2003

Marilyn Monroe or Condoleeza Rice...

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Which would you rather be?

This ICQ conversation is edifying:

roo: i read somewhere that fashion magazines have started hiring 14-year-old models and then 'sexing them up', i.e. making them look older!

roo: isn't that sick?!

shonk: yeah...but they're just pandering to people's tastes, so I have to blame the people that buy the magazines more than anything

roo: i am not concerned about WOMEN buying them. i'm worried about the girls who read them.

shonk: ah...well, I can't imagine it's any more damaging than looking at the anorexic, heroin-addicted models that were popular when we were adolescents, if that's any consolation

roo: in my women's studies class we looked at pictures of models from the early 90s and the 80s. they all look so...normal!!!

shonk: hell, look at models from the 50s and 60s, and you'll be frightened by how normally shaped their bodies are

roo: marilyn monroe was a size 12!!!

roo: condoleeza rice is size 6!!!

shonk: exactly

roo: i'd much rather be marilyn than condoleeza ;)

shonk: well, keep in mind that marilyn did commit suicide, so she wasn't exactly the happiest person

shonk: of course, if my parents named me Norma Jean, I'd probably be depressed too

roo: hhaha

shonk: wait, did I say that out loud?

roo: some suicide-bomber might kill condoleeza...so you never know.